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Sai Pac

Sai Pac is a UK based SME which adds value through the supply chains it partners.

Established in 1994 we have an experienced staff with considerable industry knowledge.  We work closely with our production partners and undertake a thorough audit to identify the most suitable products for our customer needs. Our “Supplier Accreditation “policy enables us to develop close partnerships with leading factories worldwide.

We ensure our partners have a similar ethos to us; they must be focussed on our industry with R&D investment and a commitment for product integrity and welfare. We expect them to achieve high Corporate Social Responsibility evaluations through respected international agencies like ECO Vadis which Sai Pac partners.

blown film process

Sphere Professional

The Sphere Group, a leading European manufacturer was one of our first major partners. Through our equity investment in Sphere Professional we were one of the first suppliers to introduce fully compostable potato starch and carbon neutral products to the UK.

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