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Welcome to my new blog. I have many years experience in waste management with particular industry knowledge on the supply of polymer, bio degradable and fully compostable, reusable PP and cotton waste bags for local and national government authorities, the health and food industries and the major waste management companies. My company, Sai Pac, also has proven expertise in waste collection and recycling facilities

Our UK office which has technical staff is open 24/7 and we always welcome contact from our customers and enjoy calling on them ,Our company ethos on promoting sound Corporate Social Responsibility has been recognised and our proactive approach to introducing new products ( for example we were one of the first UK suppliers of fully compostable refuse sacks) including our new range of carbon neutral products may interest you.

The intention is to blog monthly and cover topical , some controversial, topics with an industry round up. If you wish to be put on the mailing list please subscribe to our newsletter.

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Sanjay Prabhakar